ÚVN Thomayerova Nemocnice

ÚVN. Thomayerova Nemocnice,
Nemocnice Šumperk and many more...

With more then 50.000 unique customers, our platform for plasma and blood donations is a leading online reservation solution for major hospitals as well as privately run health-care institutions in the Czech Republic.

Platform automates repetitive activities, decreseases manual interactions and saves valuable time of health-care institution staff. Ongoing developement regulary brings new services and features, powerful custom configuration fits every operation.


From manual time consuming deployments to continuous software delivery in international environment of Fortuna group.

OpenShift platform intoduction helped Fortuna with faster SW deployments and quick introduction of development environments on one click. The main outcomes are:

Release deployment timing strongly decreased - from weeks to days.

Common CI/CD pipeline for all countries where Fortuna is present (CZ, SK, PL, RO, CR) ease SW development process.

QNTM supported FEG with apps introduction into containerization platform, cooperation on the framework POC CI/CD creation and giving consultancy on app management level in specific area touching monitoring, maintenance and alerting.


From waterfall model to continuous software delivery in international envirnment of T-Mobile.

Agile transformations of 3 software development teams with implementation of Scrum framework.

New agile delivery process introduced in a way of increasemental steps - from SQ development tool set, throught automation of IT processes to DevOps. Updated operational model enabled IT transformation project delivering microservices as a replacement of layered monolithic architecture.

QNTM consultant was directly accountable of change management and coordination to support technology transformation as well as mindset change.

Scrum implementation helped T-Mobile with key operational factors:

Improved Acceptance reliability - 95% User Stories accepted by PO compared to initial 45%

Stronger Commitment reliability - 80% of committed User Stories delivered in the end of spring compared to initial 50%

Release deployment timing decreased from 2 months to 2 weeks


Leased resources for Fusion transformation programme

Providing an expert team of various professionals for a key project with highest visibility to the Penta investment group.

Project allows Fortuna to fulfil its vision and operate with single platform base on microservices and one code base for all its current and upcoming countries.

QNTM supported Fortuna with various roles, especially in the area of software testing.


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